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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney cleaning is the core of our business. By regular maintenance, you are sure that the chimney
will not be dangerous.

A dirty chimney is loaded with creosote which is a flammable mixture of unburned oils. When it catches fire, temperatures can reach over 1500 degrees. The chimney can crack and flames escape into the house.

A chimney can also get blocked causing poisonous fumes to leak into the house.

A chimney fire can burn a house down before the firefighters can stop it.

The chimney can also be cleaned from below. Both methods do the same cleaning. The sweep decides which to use and takes precautions to prevent soot leaking out into the house. We guarantee no mess.

The chimney sweep’s work keeping chimneys safe from fires is dangerous when working from above.

Bj’s Chimney & Durabrush also offers these unique services:

Video inspections of the inside of the chimney to show if there are any defects such as cracks or if the chimney is 100% sound.

Ro-Kleening: which is the only way to remove baked on tarry creosote, known as third degree creosote.
This deposit is rare, and is mostly found in masonry chimneys that have a woodstove installed. It is also found in masonry chimneys from a fireplace which is used a great deal.
Third degree creosote is extremely dangerous because regular chimney sweeping wont touch it and when it catches fire, the inferno can last over a half hour.The sudden rise in temperature can crack the chimney liner giving the flames a path into the house structure.

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